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A Podcast is published on the Internet, but this of course does not mean that people should use an Ipod to play video files. The Podcasts are audio and video files that can be viewed in the appropriate devices including Ipod, which first cause the development of this technique with online media Chaffey 2006, 387. The Podcast generally means a digital media file or a collection of files seo for local business that are available from a website. These files can be audio or video and people can download for free and play them on their computers. Then they can be transferred to suitable portable devices such as MP3, Ipod or Mobile and their people carry every time they go to hear. In addition, online visitors can subscribe to a feed and files on the program that they like. The branding is also a way to build an important asset of the company which is none other than the reputation.

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Even if a company does not have any reputation or less good reputation, branding can help change that. The branding can build an expectation by customers for services or products of the company and to encourage the company to maintain local business seo this expectation or to exceed, bringing better products and services to the market. The brand term is used to identify and distinguish a particular product or service a business from other similar products. Therefore, a brand is very important. The Brand Management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product line or a product that can bring a brand. The brand will give an impact to the customer's mind that the company will continue with the same kind of quality in the future or will renew its products according to the requirements. Finally, it will have an effect on sales, compared to its competitors Evans 2008 102.

So a good brand required to be protected by law from a brand that is easy to pronounce, easy to remember, easy to recognize, easy to translate into all the languages In which you use the product or marketed, attracting attention the seo for local business customer's. Thus, the branding may be of various types. It may be a corporate branding, a personal branding and many more to reach the target customer. The branding may te more time, but once this is done, then there is no need for more promotion semiconductor SME can use the Internet in overall marketing strategies to attract and retain their customers more effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, we need to invest in a combination of several online communication channels. Should the marketing managers always learn about their customers and their innate needs. They should constantly studying their customersto really know what they want, what interests them etc.

Should be done using new techniques, where available, but without neglecting the traditional methods. Regular meetings with customers is a perfect opportunity to explore how their markets are changing and what challenges they face. You need to create an online community among customers as well as prospects for the evaluation of opportunities. This can be a costeffective way to produce valuable knowledge, which will then feed into how we develop products and enterprise services that meet their needs. An online marketing strategy is an important part of the total of a business marketing strategy. This is true whether a company does or not online advertising. It is also true for a small, medium or large business, but especially true for a small company.

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The marketing of small businesses for a local company may include several local methods of offline advertising, but should include a healthy portion of online marketing strategies to be successful and to maximize sales in today's economy. A small business that mes most or all of its business online, you need to te an online marketing strategy that helps to be noticed by the online link building five key areas of online marketing interest in a small business. Some of them are more important for local, offline businesses, while others are more look this effective with online businesses. Many companies involved in all five areas of marketing small business online. This part of marketing is vital for small business as it gives the opportunity to compete with larger companies to be visible on search engines.